Le Buisson

Le Buisson is the name of the village in which we live now more than ten years ago. In the past there were shrubs, a bit of wood and grass. Close to this wild space were two hamlets where prehistoric men already housed. One was called Cabans, located along the Dordogne, the river where the trade was once abundant. The other one Cussac, a little further. Later, at the time of the steam train Cabans with its church and the cemetery has become more successful and the village wanted to have a transport on the road: the construction of a railway through the bushes. This is the original name of our village: Le Buisson. And we're Buissonnais. Today we are associated with the village of Cadouin and we are called: Le Buisson de Cadouin.

Of course my children have had another association with the word. They immediately thought about “l’école buissonnière”,which means to play truant. The village has expanded and today it has approximately 2000 inhabitants. Eleven times per day the train parts with destination Bordeaux and returns towards Sarlat. The town of Sarlat is small Europe during the summer. During this period there are much English and Dutch. In the Dordogne, in the Périgord, the former name of the Department are living quite a number of English and Dutch.

When you look at the telephone directory you will see English and Dutch names. It is here that there was the battlefield of the Hundred Years War, France against England. You can still see some brands of this period. Not only the Bastides villages but also you will find remains in our field. Some stones of the old Castle of the Filolie family. Filolie is the name of the place where we live, a field of seven hectares. The field lies in two hamlets, Valadezie and Parisot, at 2.5 km from the centre of Le Buisson and exactly between Le Buisson and the next village Cadouin . On the previous edition of the roadmap Michelin it was called Le Buisson de Cussac. What difficulties at the beginning to receive all mail. But after months Ms. postman and the transport services have understood that we live "on the road of Cadouin 2 km from Le Buisson" because there is only the name "La Filolie" as an indication of our house. Cadouin is a very famous village with its church of the Middle Ages and its cistercian Abbey, a halting-place on the paths of Santiago de Compostela. In here you will find the shroud of Turin, once it was thought that it was the Holy Shroud but now we know it's a very old Arab cloth. Since the year 1998 Cadouin is registered on the world heritage of humanity of UNESCO